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Moving Through - 5

Posted by
theSubtleSensor (Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom) on 20 April 2008 in Cityscape & Urban.

My housemate is a photography student and has recently been given an HDR brief to shoot 'spaces through which we move'; spaces which are never a destination and are essentially forgotten, overlooked.

This brief really captured my imagination and I've been looking for a good reason to try out some HDR programs anyway =D) So I thought I'd try a few for myself.

This one is at the rear of a car park outside my local Morrisons Superstore; it baks onto a railwayn line and a small industry area where lorries often park (on the other side of those bollards) for deliveries. I believe this is where the lorries come through to unload at Morrissons also.

I'm not really postimg much on here these days. I only intend to post my personal projects or experimental work as this is what I need feedback on - so please do leave a constructive comment or a star rating.

These days I post more regularly to the blog on my website, so skate on over there to see what I've been up to recently: Freelance Photographer in Newcastle upon Tyne | Subtle Sensor Photography

You can find my fashion and portrait work here: Subtle Sensor on Model Mayhem

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pLusOne from Cheonan, South Korea

so Cool perspective and angle.

20 Apr 2008 7:49am

@pLusOne: Thanks! =D)

Babak from Delft, Netherlands

Nice colors and angle, they could have just used a small sign and not such a huge sign.

20 Apr 2008 7:59am

@Babak: Ha ha, yes, true but then it wouldn't have been as photogenic =D) I have slightly exaggerated the size by using a wide angle lens but it is really large in the flesh.

GJC from Kyoto, Japan

I have enjoyed this series quite a bit. May I say that I think this is not the strongest of the ones you've posted? The others have been well composed and well seen, because they have shown an understanding of a relationship between buildings and some sort of passageway (road or sidewalk). Put another way, the roads in the previous shots have been the passageways we don't pay attention to, and the buildings the places we think we're going. Hence we need to understand the relationship between movement (road) and stasis (building). Here, however, I don't feel that relationship very much. The road dominates and the building on the right is cropped off too suddenly to be either "in" the picture or "out" of it; while the one on the left seems too far removed from the road to be able to build a visual understanding of the link. I know these are all just personal choices and someone will say right after this comment "I think it's great!" and that's fine. Just thought I'd offer my own musings.

20 Apr 2008 9:49am

@GJC: Hi GJC, sorry to take so long in getting back yo you. I love this comment; you have quite clearly seen what I was up to with this series and you are right that this one is the weakest fit for the theme. The reason for this is that, while in the other shots the relevant buliding still feature, in this shot the buliding is only implid. It is actually away behind the camera and to include it I would have gad to shoot the 'No Parking' upside down.

I left this one til last because I felt it didn' really work with the others but I still liked it enough to include on here. Thanks for such a considerrd opinion =D)

Zorilla from Kew, United Kingdom

20 Apr 2008 9:57am

@Zorilla: Yes, indeed and they both share a sense of irony =D) Thanks for commenting.

Observing from Chester, United Kingdom

Well mate, that's one clear instruction....! Nice wide angle and color tone.

20 Apr 2008 12:41pm

@Observing: Thanks! =D)

Lorraine from Gatineau, Canada

oops, eventually I'd turn around lol ;) good one Dan!

20 Apr 2008 1:34pm

@Lorraine: Thanks! =Dp

pedro alexandre from loures, Portugal

nice i like the tones and the shadow on the ground, i'll be sure not to park there.

20 Apr 2008 2:12pm

@pedro alexandre: Thanks! x

yiannis krikis from thessaloniki, Greece

I like the dof - it gives big emphassis to the "no parking"

20 Apr 2008 4:40pm

@yiannis krikis: Thanks Yannis - not that it needs any more emphasis lol!

tilala from bordeaux, France

... and no cars...

20 Apr 2008 5:39pm

@tilala: Indeed, the huge sign seems to have done the job. Perhaps I will take another shot with my motorbike parked there - just for fun =D)

Alun Lambert from Cheshire, United Kingdom

good image

20 Apr 2008 7:00pm

@Alun Lambert: Thanks! x

Graham Russon from Cape Town, South Africa

Great shot, however I did find it a bit too busy and the sky washed out.

20 Apr 2008 8:32pm

@Graham Russon: Yes, I think you're right. it may work better with a more panoramic style crop.

Gary from Cochise County, United States

I like the sudden impact of the "No Parking".

20 Apr 2008 9:37pm

@Gary: Cheers Gary.

danthro from Suburbia, United States

cool tones and colors. especially like how you captured the cement/'no parking' sign. but again the sky looks kind of awkward to me, especially when contrasted with how strong (don't know what the term is) the colors and lines of the ground look.

20 Apr 2008 11:58pm

@danthro: Thanks danthro, I am having trouble with cloudy skies when doing HD work, they always end up looking strange or washed out. I will have to see if I can find a work around in Photshop but these ones were my first proper attempts and I just edited them pretty quickly in order to get them up on here.


amy from Rocky Mountain House, Canada

Apparently you're not supposed to park there... ahem... For me, if you cropped the sky out to the top of the fence on the far left, it would have more of that unused spaces theme. Shrug, just a thought. ;-)

21 Apr 2008 1:08am

@amy: You are right Amy, I think it would benefit from a more panoramic style crop. See, not that 'stupid' as you like us to think =D)

e nelsonian from Pasadena, United States

bold shot, good eye and composition on this one dan. this statement is so bold that it seems to have the reverse effect... i just want to find this spot and park my car here. next photo op for you: park your car in this shot.

21 Apr 2008 1:42am

@e nelsonian: Ah, a kindred spirit =D) You and I think the same. Except that I don't drive a car, but I might put my motorbike in the frame...

Ronnie 2¢ from London, United Kingdom

I detect an undercurrent that this shot is not much liked but I hafta say I rather like it and I am sold completely on the previous Commentor’s idea of shooting your car parked right there. Now, that would be a great one for sure.

21 Apr 2008 7:06pm

@Ronnie 2¢: I think perhaps this was the weakest shot of the series and it could have benefitted from a different crop but I do like it. Perhaps I should have posted it as a standalone and I definitely should have parked something there =D)


JustShenn from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I Get The Point =)

Awesome Picture =D

25 Apr 2008 11:46am

@JustShenn: Thank you kindly.