About theSubtleSensor


Hi, I'm Daniel. I'm a freelance photographer based in Newcastle upon Tyne. I'm available for bookings for anything from Weddings through to Landscapes through Portraits to Corporate events. You can contact me through my websites.

I decided to start this photoblog because I have so many images in my archive and don't know what to do with them! It also provides another excuse to keep shooting; I like the idea of shooting for the purpose of posting on here - its like a playground I can use to experiment!

I'm using this blog as a place to showcase my personal work. You will see a lot of cityscape and architecture on here, which is something I am interested in and keep experimenting with. I also love shooting landscapes, skyscapes seascapes and coastlines.

Primarily I am here to learn; the fastest way for me to learn is for you to be really unforgiving and articulate in your criticism - like a photograph, I need the negatives in order to develop =D)

If you're interested in my professional work or services:

My full websites are now live, if you like hi-res images and exploring a website, then visit my [url=http://subtle sensor.com]online photography portfolio

And if you prefer sitting back and watching slideshows, I can do that too! Here: http://www.dr-photographer2.co.uk

You can find my fashion and portrait work here: http://www.modelmayhem.com/drphotographer

Also, please see my other aminus3 photoblog for a current view of what I'm shooting professionally.


Photography Equipment

I currently shoot with the Canon 5D mkII and various L-series lenses.

I used to use Sigma cameras because I love the detail you get with the Foveon X3 sensor, so there are a lot of Sigma shots on here. I still use my Sigma DP1 for a lot of personal interest stuff that ends up on here.

I used to use a Fuji S3 so some of the shots from the archives will be from that camera.